Have you ever heard of the Roksky tunnel? It’s part of the highway that runs from North Ossetia in Russia to South Ossetia in Georgia. It’s part of the main trans-Caucasian trade route that runs at ten thousand feet up – a fantastic work of engineering.

The Roksky tunnel is certainly no stranger to the news, the site is prone to avalanches and every couple of years there’s a big one which tends to block the tunnel and in 2008 it was reported that the Georgian army had planned to blow up the tunnel to prevent the Russian army from using it. (Full story here).

However let’s go back to 1996 – just before Christmas that year, it was reported that there had been a huge avalanche and that there were fatalities. Initially the government reported that there were approx 80 people trapped in cars which in turn were trapped in the tunnel, then the reports got worse, increasing the amount of those trapped to 300. (If you’ve ever been to the tunnel, or can imagine it’s in the middle of nowhere – you’re realise how strange this seems.)

Some of this was reported at the time – however what wasn’t reported was the actual lack of deaths or casualties from the incident, certainly not according to the hospital in Vladikavkaz. No one was injured and no one died, and just to clarify that point – no one was even admitted to a hospital after the incident. Considering the severity of the incident, this seems very strange.

[frame_right src=”http://www.theunreported.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/rokysky-tunnel2-300×238.jpg” href=”http://www.theunreported.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/rokysky-tunnel2.jpg” ]What exactly did they find in the tunnel?[/frame_right]The avalanche was certainly real, there were eye witness accounts to corroborate it.
What makes this story so much more interesting, is an email we received last week. The email claims while the tunnel was closed, there was a large military presence and not only that, but something was seen being transported away from the tunnel.

Did the avalanche dislodge something buried in the mountain? Judging from recently found photos and people coming forward – it certainly seem’s that something has been discovered and removed from the tunnel.

If anyone has any extra info – or photos please contact us.


UPDATE:  It has been confirmed by numerous sources that the contractor involved in extracting the device was a newly formed division of The N’Elkan Institute – the same company which has recently announced it has developed Anti-Gravity technology